DERMAVAC is prepared on calf kidney celi culture, attenuated and freeze- dried vaccine.


The vaccine is applied to lambs and kids against contagious ecthyma disease. After vaccination, vesicular fistula and then crustation can appear on site of injection. 1 % of general vaccine reaction can appear.



Administratlon and Dosage:

  • The vaccine is applied to region inguinal region of ali ages of lambs and kids scarifying 0,5-1 cm length and as 3-4 lines with sterile needle immediately after born in areas of the disease and after the completion of births for protection. Vaccine in the dropper is applied to the described place as 2-3 drops and waited several minutes.
  • The vaccine is applied for protection in the disease areas of disease and previously reported the disease. The vaccine is not applied in places free of disease.
  • 3 mİ of diluent is taken and added to dry vaccine bottle. Bottle is mixed non-foaming and taken with injector again and added to diluent. This process is repeated a few times.
  • The applicator should observe rules of asepsis and antisepsis. Used needle and injector are cleaned with Chemical substance. Immunity is occurred in 21 days and immunity time is 6 months.


Both freeze-dried form vaccine and diluted vaccine are must be protected from sun light and used vvithin 6 hours.

Side Effects:

After vaccination, vesicular fistula and after that crustation can appear at the site of injection. 1 % of general person vaccine reaction can be appear. If local and general vaccine reactions are seen in vaccinated animals, diseased lambs and kids are separated from flock and treated by veterinary surgeon in a closed place.

Legal VVashout Period:



The vaccine is stored at 2 °C to 8 °C (refrigerator conditions).


The vaccine is packed in glass bottles of 50 doses with 10 mİ of diluent, 100 doses with 20 mİ of diluent and 200 doses with 40 mİ of diluent volüme.

Destruction Conditions:

The vaccine is autoclaved vvithout öpen the contents ati 21 °C for 30 minutes or in incinerator.

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