The vaccine is contains inactivated foot and mouth disease virus. The amount of the immunogenic virus for cattle dose is at least 5 pg for O type and 2,2 pg for other types. The vaccine is prepared adding oil emulsion to inactivated purified foot and mouth disease virus. Foot and mouth disease virus serotypes are described on the label.


The vaccine is provides protection against foot and mouth disease caused by FMD virus types.


This topic has not been done yet but in this context research is planned in the near future.

Administration and Dosage:

The vaccine is applied to 5 cm in front of breast bone, near neck, median area for sheep and goat and 15 cm in front of breast bone, double-chin, side neck for cattle by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

Dose. Cattle - buffalo....................... 3 ml IM or SC

Sheep -goat....................... 1 ml IM or SC


The product is applied and followed by the authorities. The producer company is not responsible from bad results when applied by unauthorized person. If an unexpected effect, consult to nearest veterinary surgeon.

Side Effects:

It can be cause a painless swelling at the inoculation site and fever which a normal reaction due which contains saponin. Local swelling is disappear after 4-5 weeks. Temporary reduction can be seen in milk yield. Allergic reaction formation is very rare at inoculation place.

Legal Washout Period:

This topic has not been done yet but in this context research is planned in the near future.

Storage Conditions:

The vaccine is stored at 2 °C to 8 °C (refrigerator conditions). Do not freeze and keep from light and heat.

Stability and Shelf Life:

The vaccine when standing at 2 °C / 8 °C for few weeks, primary oil emulsion with water can be separated from each other slightly but it does not break the emulsion. If bottle is thoroughly shaked at again consists of double emulsion. Presentation:

The vaccine is packed in brown glass bottles of 45 and 100 ml volume. Destruction Conditions:

The vaccine is autoclaved without open the contents at 121 °C for 60 minutes and discarded to cesspool.

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