MYCOLAXI Vaccine is an attenuated, freeze-dried vaccine and contains culture of Mycoplasma agalactia.


The vaccine is applied for the protection against contagious agalactia of healthy sheep and goats.



Administration and Dosage:

The vaccine is applied to un-woolly area for sheep and goat as 1 ml by subcutaneo­us injection way and used after mixing with diluent.


1.      The vaccine should be applied in the last 2 months of pregnancy and the first 2 months of lactation.

  1. Diluted vaccine should be protected from any heat and light.
  2. Well heated vaccine bottles should not be used after cooling.
  3. The applicator should observe rules of asepsis and antisepsis.
  4. Used needles and injector are cleaned with chemical substance.

6.1 % of local and general vaccine reaction can appear.

The product is applied and followed by the authorities. The producer company is not responsible from results when applied by unauthorized person. If you see an unexpected effect, consult to nearest veterinary surgeon.

Side Effects:

On rare occasions, due to normal horse serum content, this vaccine may cause anaphylactic shock in sensitive animals. Should this occur administration of epinephrine is recommended.

Storage Conditions:

The vaccine is stored at 2 °C to 8 °C (refrigerator conditions). Don not freeze and protect from heat and light.


The vaccine is packed in glass bottles of 50 ml volume with 50 ml of diluent. Destruction Conditions:

The vaccine is autoclaved without open the contents at 121 °C for 30 minutes.

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