SUPERVAC-7 Vaccine is formalized of whole inactive master culture and toxoids of Cl. perfringens types B, C and D (3 and £ toxoids), 0. oedematiens type A (a- toxoid), Cl. septicum (a- toxoid), Cl. tetani (tetani toxoid) and Cl. chauvoei (master culture) bacteria and the vaccine is emulsified with mineral oil, a polyvalent- combined vaccine.

SUPERVAC-7 Vacdne provides protection in animals as described below.

Cl. perfringens types B, C and D                          101.U (J -antitoxin

         51.U E-antitoxins

Cl. oedematiens type A                                      3,51.U a-antitoxins

Cl. septicum                                                     2,51.U a-antitoxins

Cl. tetani                                                          2.51.U tetani antoxin

Cl. chauvoei                                                    > 87,2 %


The vaccine is applied for purpose of protection to tetanus, enterotoxaemia (Pulpy kidney and Struck = Braxylike disease) and bradzot of sheep-goats, contagious dysentery of lambs, gastroenteritis and enterotoxaemia of calf, infectious necrotic hepatitis of sheep, black disease and gas gangrene of cattle. Contraindications:

The vaccine is not applied from 4 weeks of pregnancy to birth of animals and on sick animals with any disease. Administration and Dosage:

  • The vaccine is injected after warmed at room temperature and well mixed before use.

•     On previously not vaccinated animals, dose of vaccine is 4 ml+4 ml for cattle, 2 ml + 2 ml for sheep and goats and 1 ml +1 ml for lambs and kids with at interval of 14-21 days.

•     On previously vaccinated animals, dose of vaccine is 4 ml for cattle, 2 ml for calves, 2 ml for sheep - goats and 1 ml for lambs-kids with at interval of 6 six months.

•     The vaccine is applied to arm pit, un-woolly area for sheep-goat and from neck for cattle by subcutaneo­usly or intramuscular way.


  1. The vaccine is applied to only health animals.
  2. Vaccine bottle is must be mix at injection time regularly.
  3. Opened bottle of vaccine should be used on the same day.
  4. The applicator should observed rules of asepsis and antisepsis.
  5. The vaccine is not applied on diseased animals with any disease which described below indication.
  6. It should be observed to cold chain in vaccine transfer.

The product is applied and followed by the authorities. The producer company is not responsible resulting from applies which applied by unauthorized person. If see an unexpected effect consult to nearest veterinary surgeon.

Side Effects:

On rare occasions, anaphylactic shock may develop. If anaphylactic reactions are occur in hypersensitive animals, preparations of antiallergic, antiadrenergic and antihistaminic can be under control.

Legal Washout Period:

Vaccinated animals can be slaughtered after 28 days.

Storage Conditions:

The vaccine is stored at 2 °C to 8 °C (refrigerator conditions). Don not freeze and protect from heat and light. Presentation:

The vaccine is packaged in glass bottles of 20,50,100,200 and 300 ml volume.

Destruction Conditions:

The vaccine is autoclaved without open the contents at 121 °C for 30 minutes and discarded to cesspool. If destruction will make in environment conditions; half and empty vials are boiled in water and than buried to soil

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