TEYLOVAC Vaccine is an attenuate and freeze -dried cell culture vaccine.

Vaccine Strain

A roundly attenuated "Theileria annulata (Ankara)" strain.

Combination and Production

The vaccine is produced with continually passaged of lymphoid cells which was carrying roundly attenuated Theileria schizonts at rolling monolayer tissue culture.

Property of Strain

Teylovac strain is a very large immunogenic spectrum which provide certain protection against Th.annulata field strains which have been seen all climate regions.


The vaccine is used to provide active protection against tropical theileriosis of cattle, cow and calves.


Teylovac cell culture vaccine;

a)     Teylovac Vaccine is in bottle glass with 5 ml volume containing lymphoid cell with equivalent value of 4-10 and 25 doses and freeze dried in liquid nitrogen.

b)      The vaccine is ready to use by preparing in 15-50 ml of volume bottle with 6,5-22,5 and 35 ml of diluent (PBS).

Administration and Dosage

The vaccine is carried out to field in liquid tank, as freeze-dried. For application, vaccine with 4-10 and 15 doses which removed from liquid nitrogen tank is kept in pre-wetted cotton or closed box for 15-20 second and then dissolved in 37 °C water. Dissolved vaccine is taken with sterile and added to bottle containing 6,5-22,5 and 35 ml of diluent. Homogenized a mix is provided with gentle shaking. Prepared vaccine is ready for use and contains 4-10 and 15 doses.


  • Prepared vaccine for application should be used within maximum 30 minutes.
  • The vaccine is applied to especially stable Theileriosis.


Each 2,5 ml of diluted vaccine is equivalent to one dose vaccine. For old animals, cow and calves dose is 2,5 ml.

Vaccine Application Site:

The vaccine is withdrawn and inoculated subcutaneously at the side of the neck above the prescapular lymph gland. Before application, the vaccine bottle should be mixed.

Immunity (Active Protection):

  • Immunity is started about 45 days after vaccination.
  • Immunity time (active protective) is at least a year.
  • Revaccinated all animals with a break of one year for continued immunity.
  • Teylovac vaccine is applied to all age and race animals excluding younger than

3 months of calves.

Vaccine Application Time:

The vaccine should be applied according to seasonal characteristic and epidemi­ology of tropical Theileriosis of each climate region. The vaccine should be applied to those region animals at least 2 months before started seasonal effect of especially transporter ticks (Hyalomma spp).

Vaccination time of Teylovac Vaccine is appropriate;

January- February-March months for Aegean Region, Mediterranean Region, Southeastern Region and environment of Igdir City,

February-March-April Months for Central Anatolia Region, Marmara Region and Black sea Region,

March-April-May months for East Anatolia Region

For each region, applications are appropriate before recommended months and at latest after 20-25 days. Vaccination should not be delayed.

The product is applied and followed by the authorities. The producer company is not responsible from result which applied by unauthorized person. If you see an unexpected effect, consult to nearest veterinary surgeon.


On Teylovac Vaccine applied animals no any local and general side effects should. Full innocuity. If you see infections after application these are related to incubation period.

Stability and Storage:

The vaccine is stored at - 70 °C in liquid nitrogen tank, and at -196 °C at least for 5 years without delay to active protection performance. Diluent of vaccine is stored at 

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