Polyclonal Hyper-Immune Serum against Selected FMDV Strains

AftoSera is a new therapeutic product obtained after immunization of naive calves with the inactivated foot and mouth disease (FMD) virus strains as: O1 Manisa, O PanAsia 2 (O Tur 07), O India 2001, A22 Iraq, A Iran 05 (A Tur 04/06), A/Asia/G-VII (A/NEP/84), Asia1 Shamir and Asia1 Sindh-08 (Group VII-Tur 2014).
Antibodies titer for each strain is at least 1/40 rate in seroneutralization test and seropositivity in
ELISA of foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) for strains mentioned.
Administration and Dosage:
  •  Warming up in room temperature (15-25°C) and well mixed before use.
  •  AftoSera administered by subcutaneously or intramuscularly routes.
  •  For treatment (control) purpose; at the very beginning of a disease, when the symptoms are first observed, administer a single dose of 10 ml to all cattle / calves and 5 ml to all sheep / lambs and goat / kids.
  •  As AftoSera induced passive immunity last up to 15 days, to boost the level of antibodies, it can be re-administered every 15 days.
  • For active immunization use Aftovac or Aftovac Oil after consultation with veterinarians to induced longer immunity.
  • Use entire content of the vial when first opened within 24 hours, if refrigerated.
  •  AftoSera can be used in conjunction with other treatments, i.e. antibiotics
P. recautions:
  • Basic hygiene rules and aseptic principles should be followed when administrating the product.
  • Hypersensitivity reaction may occur following administration.
  • Avoid co-administration of AftoSera with the FMD vaccines.
Withdrawal Period:
Legal withdrawal periods do not apply to biological products which contain only antibodies.
Storage Conditions:
Store out of direct sunlight and at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C. Do not freeze.
Shelf life:
24 months after production date under recommended storage conditions.
This product is packed in bottles of 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 ml.
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