Aftovac+ (FMD) Vaccine
Aftovac+  (FMD) Vaccine

Aftovac+ (FMD) Vaccine

  • It has a protective effect against foot and mouth disease caused by foot and mouth disease (aphthovirus).

Foot and mouth disease vaccine types A, O and Asia1. At least 6 PD50 per dose virus inactivated with
BEI Adjuvanted with aluminium hydroxide and saponine.

Administration and Dosage :

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  •  Inject subcutaneously.
  •  Do not expose animals to stress factor for 15-20 days after vaccination.
  •  Only the healthy animals should be vaccinated.
  •  Infected animals or animals suspected of being infected as well as calves of less than 4 months of age should not be vaccinated. These animals that were left out should be vaccinated later.
  •  All of susceptible animals of the farm or village should be vaccinated.
Sheep and Goats : 1 ml s.c.
Cattle : 2 ml s.c.

Precautions :
  •  There may be a slight inflamatory reaction at the injection site.
  •  As with all vaccines, hypersensitivity reactions may occur.
Immunization :
  •  Immunity begins within 10 days after the first vaccination.
  •  Protection reaches its maximum level on the 21 st day of the vaccination.
  •  Duration of immunity is 6 months.
  •  Young animals : first vaccination should be carried out when they are 4 months of age; second injection when they are 8 months old and the third injection at the age of one year.
  •  Adults : vaccination period is every 6 months, preferably in every spring and autumn.
Storage and transportation :
  •  Store between +2°C / +8°C.
  •  Protect from sunlight and heat.
  •  Do not freeze.
  •  Transport in insulated containers.

50 ml, 100 ml and 300 ml bottles.

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