Inactivated Leptospirosis Vaccine

Each dose contains inactivated cultures of L. icterohaemorrhagiae, L. pomona, L. hardjo, L.
grippotyhose and L. canicola and contains aluminum hydroxide as an adjuvant.

This vaccine is for prevention of Leptospirosis caused by Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae, L.
pomona, L. hardjo, L. grippotyhose and L. canicola in cattle.

It should not be given to animals with any disease.

Administration and Dosage:

  •  Application dose is 2 ml in s.c. way.
  •  A primary vaccination should be given to all unvaccinated cattle, regardless of age or sex. They should receive 2 doses at a 2-4 weeks interval.
  •  Calves born to vaccinated cows should receive the first dose at weaning (4-8 weeks of age) and a second dose 2-4 weeks later. 
  • Introduced cattle should be vaccinated twice before entering the herd.
  •  Revaccination: Every 12 months which will depend on the epidemiological situation.

Side Effects:
Generally none, however, a normal reaction due to adjuvant could cause a slight swelling at the
inoculation site. In the event of hypersensitivity reactions, epinephrine should be administered
and veterinary advice should be sought.


  •  Shake well before use and each time before filling the syringe.
  •  Apply aseptic precautions and vaccinate only healthy animals.
  •  Opened bottle of vaccine should be used on the same day.
  •  The product is applied and followed by the authorities. The producer company is not responsible of any complications, when applied by unauthorized person. If an unexpected effect, consult the nearest veterinary surgeon.

Withdrawal Period:
28 days.

2 years.

Storage Conditions:
Store at 2 - 8 ºC. Do not freeze and protect from light.

Vials of 10, 20 and 50 ml.

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