PESTVAC K; Attenuated produced in cell culture against plague of sheep and goats. It is a lyophilized vaccine.


PESTVAC K; Attenuated produced in cell culture against plague of sheep and goats. It is a lyophilized vaccine.


One dose of vaccine content PPRV Nig 75/1 10 2 5 TCID / 50

Sucrose 10%

Lactalbumin hydrolyzate contains 5%.


It is used for protective purposes in sheep and goats against sheep and goat plague.

Application and Dosage:

It is applied subcutaneously (s.c) in an amount of 1 ml to sheep and goats of all ages and weights.

Vaccination Program:

First Vaccination:

  • Vaccination once for animals older than six months,
  • Double vaccination for animals younger than six months, at intervals of 3-6 months, depending on the presence of maternal antibodies. The second vaccination should be done only to animals older than six months.


A booster is recommended one year after vaccination to increase the efficacy of the vaccination.

Instruction manual:

  • When the vaccine is to be used, it is transferred to the lyophilized vaccine bottle with a sterile syringe, withdrawing 4-5 ml from the refrigerated reconstitution liquid. The lyophilized vaccine is dissolved thoroughly. The melted lyophilized vaccine is taken back to the injector sterile and transferred to the bottle containing 100 ml of dilution fluid. This process is repeated several times. The diluent shakes gently without foaming to ensure thorough mixing.
  • In this way, the vaccine is ready for use. The vaccine should be used within two hours after reconstitution, the vaccine should be kept in shade and ice during use and must be protected from sunlight.
  • The product should be applied and followed by legal authorities. The manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences resulting from the applications made by people other than the authorities. In case of an unexpected effect, the closest veterinarian should be consulted.

Reactions After Vaccine:

In adult animals, no reaction occurs after vaccination. However, animals under six months of age may experience a temporary rise in body temperature. It can also be applied to pregnant animals.


The lyophilized vaccine should be stored in the dark at + 2 ° C / + 8 ° C.

Packaging shape:

Packaged in 100-dose vials with 100 ml of dilution fluid.

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