About Us

VETAL Animal Health Products Inc., which adopts quality as a principle in every stage; In 1991, by a group of investors and veterinarians in Adıyaman; is the first private sector investment of our country established in the field of vaccine and biological material production.

In line with the urgent needs of the country during its establishment, enterotoxemia and flower vaccines which received intense demand; Offering the use of veterinarians and breeders, VETAL increasing its product range and quality every day; Today, with the capacity to produce all basic vaccines, including screed vaccine, it continues its service to the country's livestock with the excitement of the first day.

VETAL attaches great importance to research and development (R&D) studies; The company adds new products to its product range day by day under the technical consultancy of experts from different countries of the world and distinguished universities of our country, for the development of new products for use in the treatment of new veterinary diseases that occur in unexpected times within the framework of living conditions that are felt in the field or are constantly changing.

In order to be able to overcome the problems of country animal husbandry by investing in advanced technology every day in production; has adopted the principle of increasing the production of high standards of vaccine, hyperimmune serum and diagnostic kits and increasing the product range. Every product produced is subjected to many quality control tests accepted by the authorities.

In addition to the test studies carried out in laboratory areas; Tests on experimental animals are carried out by the Local Ethics Committee established by the company and approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. In addition, vaccination trials and meat breeding were also carried out; It also operates an agricultural business in an area of ​​120 hectares.

VETAL, with its dealer network in 30 different regions of our country and its expert staff close to you as a phone, has the opportunity to provide support for the features and applications of all products in the market at any time; In line with your feedbacks, it has the opportunity to evaluate ways to serve you better.

The pride of bringing the name of our country to the world with our exports to different countries of the world, gaining foreign currency to our country, and producing quality products at international standards; we share it with our new GMP production facility that we brought to our country and our country.

VETAL is grateful to all officials of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Central and Provincial Organization, which it has been supporting at every stage since its establishment. As yesterday, today and tomorrow, we will take more confident steps together; With our wishes to meet on the days full of health in order to increase the animal welfare, which the country's animal husbandry has gained…

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