Basilax (Anthrax Vaccine)
Basilax (Anthrax Vaccine)

Basilax (Anthrax Vaccine)

Bacillus anthracis is a live vaccine prepared with 34F2 strain.


Bacillus anlhracis is a live vaccine prepared with 34F2 strain.


50% v / v FTS-glycerin, 0.1% saponin and 107 / ml live spore.


In spring in places where there is an anthrax risk; It is applied immediately and in order to protect the disease-free animals.


It should not be applied to animals with high fever and in the last period of pregnancy.

Method of Application and Dosage:

1 ml to cattle (horse, cattle, camel)

Sheep and goats 0.5ml

Thai, veal, malach 0.5ml

Lamb and kid (2-6 months old) 0.25ml

Cattle are given to the middle of the lateral side of the neck or behind the shoulder, to the inside of the hind leg in sheep, under the tail in goats, subcutaneously. It can also be injected under the tail in curly sheep. The injection site should be as far away from the joints as possible.


The vial should be shaken well before the vaccine is drawn into the syringe. Attention should be paid to the rules of asepsis and antisepsis during vaccination. The vaccine must be administered subcutaneously. Antibiotic administration before and after vaccination adversely affects immunity.

Side effects:

Mild fever, edema at the injection site and temporary lameness may be seen within 24-48 hours following the administration of the vaccine.

Legal Purification Time:

6 weeks after vaccination

Storage Conditions:

It should be stored at + 2 ° C / + 8 ° C in the dark and without freezing.

Packaging shape:

The vaccine is packaged in honey-colored bottles of 15 and 50 ml.

Disposal Conditions:

It is kept in the autoclave for 1 hour at 121 ° C or destroyed in the incinerator.

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