Teylovac is an attenue and frozen cell culture vaccine.


Teylovac is an attenue and frozen cell culture vaccine.

Vaccine Strain:

It is the strain of "Theileria annulata (Ankara)" which has been completely attenuated by being produced in static monolayer tissue culture for a long time.

Combination and Production:

Teylovac is produced with continuous passages in rolling monolayer tissue cultures of lymphoid cells that carry the full attenue Theileria annulata shizonts.

Strain Character:

Teylovac strain Th. It has a very wide immunogenic spectrum that can provide absolute protection against annulata 'field strains.


It is used to provide active protection against tropical theileriosis in cattle, calves and calves.


Teylovac Cell culture vaccine:

  • Vaccine containing lymphoid cells equivalent to 4 -10 and 15 doses in glass vials (vials) of 5 ml and frozen in liquid nitrogen.
  • It is prepared to be applied as 6.5 - 22.5 and 35 ml of dilution liquid (PBS) in 15-50 ml glass bottles.

Application and Dose:

Teylovac is transported to the field frozen in liquid nitrogen thermoses. 4-10 and 15 doses of vaccine vial extracted from liquid nitrogen for application is protected from possible explosions that may be caused by liquid nitrogen, which may enter the vial due to leakages by waiting for 15-20 seconds in a pre-moistened cotton mass or in a closed box. It is then dissolved in 37 ° C water. The dissolved vaccine is drawn into the syringe with a sterile syringe using a thick sterile gauge needle and poured into the flask containing 6.5 - 22.5 and 35 ml diluent. A homogeneous distribution is achieved by slowly pumping with a syringe. The reconstituted vaccine thus contains 4, 10 and 15 doses of vaccine.


The reconstituted vaccine should be used within half an hour at the latest.


Each 2.5 ml volume of reconstituted vaccine is equivalent to one dose of vaccine. It is 2.5 ml for old animals, calves and calves.

Vaccine Application Place:

It is applied using a thick acquiring needle under the right and left prescapular skin in the neck, provided that asepsis and antisepsis are observed. The homogeneous distribution of the reconstituted vaccine left in the bottle should be maintained with the injector several times before application to each animal.

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